About us

Project profile

Our company helps you create any new project where we assume responsibility for the trouble of research and queries. It easily provides you with the information needed and answers every inquiry that comes to your mind regarding any new that you want to create or amend its clauses, as we help you to complete it.

Main Objective

  • Submit a study of the project to be implemented.
  • Submit the estimated budget of the project’s administrative costs.
  • Give the new investor comprehensive knowledge about the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Carry out Establishment Contracts, Service Agent Contracts, and their appendixes.
  • Provide a local service agent and corporate sponsor according to the UAE system.
  • Help in providing offices and shops to practice the activity.
    • Provide multiple services to businessmen from inside and outside the country.
    • Assist in getting Visit – tourist visas for businessmen and traders.
    • Assist in the trading business – import and export.
    • Provide shipping services through shipping companies located in the country.
    • Arrange appointments and organizing meetings.
    • Coordinate between businessmen and companies locally and abroad.
    • Several consulting services.